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 Thank you for placing your trust in CrossFit Abode. CrossFit Abode's goal is to inspire health, happiness and performance. Our Trainers lead by example and provide a fun, supportive and professional environment where you feel you belong, want to spend time at and train consistently with friends. Every day, we give you a great experience and you are rewarded through incredible results you never expected, beyond that of just fitness.

Consistency = Results. Being an unlimited member at CrossFit Abode is the most successful way to your goals and we give you access to so many amazing bonuses that will help you achieve your goals and so much more! Make the most of them, train a minimum of four days a week, ask for help when you need it for motivation, nutrition, mindset, anything; we are here to help you, simply email [email protected] at any time. 

If you are not currently an unlimited member, changing over is easy, simply visit the membership options page (or click the upgrade to unlimited button below) and choose your membership option, or if you still have credit left on a 10 session pass, email [email protected] and we can get you set up and use the remaining credit toward your unlimited membership. All unlimited memberships are no lock-in, pause or cancel at any time, right from this page, you are in control.

You have access to so much value with a CrossFit Abode Unlimited Membership, make the most of it, bookmark this page and check out what you can do!

If this is your first time here, scroll all the way to the bottom to see what is here.

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CrossFit Abode Tips

1. Train a MINIMUM of four days a week. We recommend five days a week on average for absolute best results.

2. Eat well. This can be hard to know what eating well is...that's what we are here for! Contact us on the form at the bottom of this page and we can help. The Healthy Habits Challenge is something we recommend EVERYONE does!

3. Sometimes we lose motivation, things get busy, life gets tough and we put ourselves last...we can help in these trying times too! Our Mobility and Mindset class is a great start, or if you have any questions on how to get your mojo back, fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

4. Lifting heavier, doing more or training hard when you are not feeling great is not the way to results. Training with a focus on technique and knowing when you need to recover and take a workout slower, or even rest and just do some mobility is so important. Talk to us if you need some help or advice, or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

5. Make the most of the specialty classes. The seminars and workshops run on selected Saturdays, and the Mobility and Mindset Class every second Friday night. They are amazing and will help you progress in ways you can't begin to imagine! These are a bonus for unlimited members, a drop in fee applies for other members.

6. Get your friends and family involved. Spread the love, if they are really worried about starting, we have the foundations course, start them there! Simply send them our website to get started. 

7. Log your workouts, every day. This is the best way to track your results. We use Beyond the Whiteboard, which is a bonus for unlimited members. For other members, you can purchase a workout only membership for a low fee and this will give you access to this incredible app.

8. If you have ANY niggles, sore spots, injuries, TALK TO US STRAIGHT AWAY. CrossFit is extremely safe and will even prevent you from injuries, when we listen to our body and scale where required. Chat to us, or full in the form at the bottom of the page to ask us any questions. There are some GREAT people in the Darwin area to help you, ask us for our recommendations!

9. You have unlimited support as a CrossFit Abode Member. USE IT! We love helping people and have an enormous amount of experience across more areas than just training. Use the form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions!

10. Have fun, enjoy coming to training every day, make friends, support each other. We want you to succeed, to achieve your goals and so much more, we provide the best tools for you to do this, however if you are unsure on anything at all, please just ask, we love helping you and nothing is to hard, too small or out of the question. Send us a message on the form at the bottom of the page!

We Have Everything You Need For Your Health And Fitness Right Here at CrossFit Abode!

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Specialty Classes

Make the most of your membership and attend our specialty classes on Saturday!

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Mobility & Mindset

The best class to finish the week, come and see why, every second Friday night.

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Comp WOD and Open Gym

Part of your Unlimited Membership, make use of it, every day!

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Comp WOD and Open Gym

As Part of your Unlimited Membership you have access to our Comp WOD Training and Open Gym in our Comp WOD Area.

Open gym is for you to do the Unifyd Strength & Accessory work from your BTWB, one of the BTWB programs or to come in and practice your movements.

Comp WOD is an extra part to our program, if you want to compete in CrossFit, want to work on your strength and technique or just want to be at the gym for a little longer...ask us how to get started with Comp WOD today.

Comp WOD generally has Part A & B which are completed before the WOD, and Part C & D, which are completed after the WOD.

You need approximately 20 minutes before and after the class time to get all the work done, some days may be longer or much shorter, check on BTWB so you are prepared.

All Comp WOD components must be done in the Comp WOD area, please be respectful and courteous to other members and if the class requires the space, we may ask you to move. 

Then the class must be done on the main floor area, not in Comp WOD area, with the rest of the class.

There may be movements you have not done before, you MUST ALWAYS ask a trainer for advice and must not 'just do it', especially with movements like GHD Sit-ups Overhead Squat/Squat Snatch movements and high rep Pull-ups.

You should have been training consistently (5 days a week) for 6 months before considering Comp WOD. Speak to one of the lead trainers to see whether it is something you should consider, or email [email protected] 

Here is an Example of our Workouts

Our classes usually start with a lifting or strength component. This is an opportunity for those new to CrossFit Abode to learn the technique safely and for those competent and confident at the movement to work on their strength and technique.

You will then see three main versions of the workout, RX2, RX 1 and RX3 which all vary slightly in complexity, load and volume. DON'T WORRY if you can't do any of the movements at all, we scale the workouts to SUIT YOU, every class, every time!

As an Unlimited Member, you get access to our workout tracking app, Beyond The Whiteboard, and can log your results, see past results, see your fitness score, interact with other members, have access to extra programs to help improve and so much more.

CrossFit Abode Etiquette 

1. Every time you come to the gym YOU MUST sign in to the class. It is easier if you reserve the class on your CrossFit Abode Members App, then you only have to touch your name, otherwise, type in your name and check in to the class.

2. Best practice when you get to the gym is place your gear on the shelves and do some mobility while you wait. There is a ROM WOD Screen in the mobility area, ask us how to use it or how to mobilise the area you want! You can wait  in the mobility area or in the office, please remain off the workout areas unless you are using it and off the main floor until the class starts. 

3. Be friendly and respectful at all times. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and positive atmosphere, every day, so please help us to do so and you will find you will love your training even more!

4. Listen in closely to the brief, every movement listen in for the 'stimulus' and your aim is to achieve that, every time. SCALING IS IMPORTANT! Trust us when we say, scaling to achieve the stimulus is what will get you to your goals safely and efficiently, NOT going heavier or doing more volume.

5. Every rep, every movement, every day your focus should be on how you can move better, not on how fast you can go or how much you can lift. Take your time, focus on this and you will progress faster than you could imagine.

6. Please DO NOT pack up your equipment until EVERY member has finished the workout. Stay and support them until they are done!

7. Fist bumps are encouraged after every workout, we have all just challenged ourselves through a tough workout, celebrate with a fist bump!

8. A few little ones...thumbs must be around the barbell, chalk stays in the buckets, you must have collars on the bar when lifting, you must use two spotters on heavy back squats and one or two on heavy bench, no dumping the unloaded barbell, 2.5's, 5's or 10's and all other loads must be 'padded' to the floor, and lastly DO NOT REWARD POOR TECHNIQUE, go lighter, stop and listen in to the Trainer.

9. Cleaning up after training. You MUST wipe down your equipment, every time and spray mop your area, every time.

10. We love having Kids at the gym, however they must NOT come on to the gym floor unless the lead Trainer has allowed it (class has finished and all equipment has been packed away). If it is outside of the child minding classes, they are 100% your responsibility, please ensure they are safe and happy. We have Netflix and free Wifi, ask us if you have any questions.

11. Phones are allowed on the gym floor, you are allowed to film your workout and take photos and please feel free to share on social media and tag CrossFit Abode. If some one else is in the photo/video, you must ask their permission. All media must adhere to the CrossFit Abode values and use of your phone must not distract you or cause a safety concern.

12. We love dogs...but they must be in the dog area, have water and be tied up. If they bark, you must attend to them. If they are aggressive, nip at people or bark uncontrollably, please do not bring them to the gym.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Have fun, move well and train hard!

Child Minding

As a bonus with your Membership, you have access to Child Minding at our 9:30am classes weekdays and 9am class on a Saturday.

An air-conditioned room, WiFi, Netflix and toys and games to keep the kids entertained with our wonderful Child Minder!

No bookings required. Sometimes it can be hard for your child to settle in the beginning and you may have to attend to them every now and then, but don't worry, they get used to it quickly and soon love it and beg you to come to CrossFit Abode!

Unlimited Membership Pause OR Cancellation Forms

As an Unlimited Member, you have freedom to pause or cancel your membership at any time. Simply fill in the form below!

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* You will receive an email notification to confirm your pause. It will be actioned within 24 hours. You can always check your membership status on your CrossFit Abode App!

Membership Cancellation

We would LOVE you to stay with our amazing community, if we can do anything, please ask; email [email protected] 

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Training is always better with friends and family! Obviously you will always make life long friends at the gym, but bringing your friends, family and work mates here will be the best gift you could ever give them! Simply fill in the form below or get them to visit our website: www.crossfitabode.com

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At CrossFit Abode we are ALWAYS looking for better ways to do things, to improve our services to improve your lifestyle. Have your say below to be heard and be part of the change to a healthier, happier and fitter YOU!