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CrossFit Abode - Your Home of Health, Happiness & Performance

At CrossFit Abode we help anyone find a love for fitness. When you love training at CrossFit Abode it is easy to come consistently, and when you come consistently, your health, happiness and performance improve in more ways than you can imagine.


CrossFit Abode has two locations, all of our memberships include access to both locations, giving you both value and freedom.

CrossFit Abode - 12 Swan Crescent, Winnellie, NT 0820

CrossFit Abode South - 3/7 Toupein Road, Yarrawonga, NT 0830

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How Do I Get Started?

We offer two different ways to get started, so you can be assured you start the right way for you. Choose your path below.


FREE Week Trial!

Come and train with us for free for a week to show you how we make training fun, motivating and inclusive for everyone to achieve all your goals! Great for beginners and anyone wanting to start but want to try us out first! *$1 admin fee applies - no obligation.

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Membership Options

We have a membership option to suit you. From our most popular Unlimited Membership with all its amazing bonuses, to options that suit your lifestyle and goals. Awesome if you are experienced and want to jump right in!

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing a gym can be hard. You need to find the right mix of friendliness, inspiration, motivation, good coaching, great people, amazing programming, fun environment...and more. At CrossFit Abode we believe we have got it almost perfect. Our culture is so friendly and supportive, you will want to come every day. Also having two locations gives you the freedom when you need it! Come and see for yourself. 

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What Separates Us From the Rest?

We have some of the most amazing, experienced and knowledgable trainers in the NT who have a passion for helping you enjoy your training and reach your goals. 

We focus on building great movement and a love for health and fitness, when we do this, your goals and results come easy!

We have two locations for the one membership, we offer specialty classes, provide constant education and challenge you to always keep you motivated and moving toward your goals! 

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What Do We Offer?

We have everything health, happiness and performance related in the one spot. Check out our other services here, from personal training, to nutrition and mindset training, we have everything you need to start living a healthy and happy life, regardless of where you are at on your fitness journey right now, we can help.

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CrossFit Classes

A one hour group fitness class that ANYONE can do. We help you to find the fun and love of fitness so you achieve all your goals!

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CrossFit Abode Teens

A 45 minute class for pre-teens and teens aged 11-15 years old. We teach them a lifelong love of fitness in a fun and safe environment. 

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Personal Training

A 60 minute, one on one OR small group session, to achieve a more personalised approach or to work on the more complex skills!

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Mobility & Mindset

We start with mobility through stretching and self myofascial release techniques, then mindfulness, leaving you blissfully relaxed.

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Specialty Classes

Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition, Mindset, Gymnastics, Competition Training and more. Click learn more to see what's up next.

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NT's Fittest Series

We run Individual, Partner, Team competitions and more. We have beginners to advanced categories so any one can play!

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Healthy Habits

A Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset challenge that helps you rid old unwanted habits and create new, healthy habits for life!

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Child Minding

A bonus for our members, we offer child minding at our 9:30am classes weekdays and our 9am class on a Saturday, they will love it!

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Unlimited Support

We offer unlimited lifestyle support, whether it be training for a specific goal, overcoming injury, needing help with nutrition, we will help!

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Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Once you get the courage up and just do it, you will soon realise all the worry, nerves and fear was all for nothing. It will end up being the most amazing thing you have ever done for yourself and you will only wish you started earlier! So Start NOW!

Two Options To Get Started
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