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2 Great Locations: Darwin & Palmerston

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"At CrossFit Abode we help anyone find a love for fitness. When you love training at CrossFit Abode you want to come every day, and when you come consistently, your health, happiness and performance improve in more ways than you can imagine." - Cobi Head - Managing Director - CCFT (CrossFit Level 3)

What Is CrossFit Abode?

CrossFit Abode is a gym where we run group fitness classes. We combine Cardio, Weightlifting and Bodyweight exercises in to a fun, challenging and always changing program, so you never get bored and always see incredible results.


Everything You Need at CrossFit Abode

Group Classes - For Anyone

At CrossFit Abode, we all follow the same program, however we 'scale' it to suit YOU! Your goals, your fitness level, your ability. Every class we have four main options; RX 0, RX 1, RX 2 and RX 3.

"Incredible value for money" with everything you need for your health, happiness and performance with our unlimited memberships.


RX 0 - Beginner

A perfect option if you are just starting out and have limited fitness experience. The loads, volume and complexity of the workouts are reduced to ease you in to training.

RX 1 - Intermediate

Our most common option delivering a fun and inclusive workout without the more advanced movements and loads.

RX 2 - Advanced

For those that have a training background and are capable at the more advanced and complex movements.

RX 3 - Competitor

Once you can complete the advanced workouts well within the intended duration and load and if you have a passion for CrossFit Competitions, then this option may be for you.

Being intimidated, the perception you have to be fit, even the thought of going to the gym can seem scary...BUT we are here to help you every step of the way, leaving you feeling happy, confident and empowered like nothing will love it!