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Being an unlimited member at CrossFit Abode give you access to so many amazing bonuses that will help you achieve your goals and so much more! Make the most of them, train a minimum of four days a week, ask for help when you need it for motivation, nutrition, mindset, anything we are here to help you!

You have access to so much value with a CrossFit Abode Unlimited Membership, make the most of it, bookmark this page and check out what you can do!

If this is your first time here, scroll all the way to the bottom to see what is here, and the link to our general membership page which has some important information for you too!

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We Have Everything You Need For Your Health And Fitness Right Here at CrossFit Abode!


You can do the course, even as a member! Learn the foundations, strive for virtuosity!

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Specialty Classes

Make the most of your membership and attend our specialty classes on Saturday!

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Midline Mobility Mindset

The best class of the week, come and see why on Friday nights.

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Comp WOD and Open Gym

Part of your Unlimited Membership, make use of it, every day!

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Our workout tracking app. See the workouts and log your scores! Sign Up For Free, simply email [email protected] for the code!

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Comp WOD and Open Gym

As Part of your Unlimited Membership you have access to our Comp WOD Training and Open Gym in our Comp WOD Area.

Open gym is for you to conduct mobility, Comp WOD and accessory work from BTWB or as given by a trainer. It is not for doing any non-approved program or using it to do the WOD. Please be respectful of others and share equipment/space where possible.

Comp WOD is an extra part to our program, if you want to compete in CrossFit, want to work on your strength and technique or just want to be at the gym for a little longer...ask us how to get started with Comp WOD today.

Comp WOD generally has Part A & B which aree completed before the WOD, and Part C & D, which are completed after the WOD.

You need approximately 20 minutes before and after the class time to get all the work done, some days may be longer or much shorter, check on BTWB so you are prepared.

All Comp WOD components must be done in the Comp WOD area, please be respectful and courteous to other members and if the class requires the space, we may ask you to move. 

Then the class must be done on the main floor area, not in Comp WOD area, with the rest of the class.

There may be movements you have not done before, you MUST ALWAYS ask a trainer for advice and must not 'just do it', especially with movements like GHD Sit Ups Overhead Squat/Squat Snatch movements and high rep pull ups.

You should have been training consistently (5 days a week) for 6 months before considering Comp WOD. 

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Child Minding

As a bonus with your Unlimited Membership, you have access to Child Minding at our 9:30am classes weekdays and 9am class on a Saturday.

An air-conditioned room, WiFi, Netflix and toys and games to keep the kids entertained with our wonderful Child Minder!

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Have Friends and Family? There is No Better Time Than Now, and No Better Place to Start Than CrossFit Abode!

Training is always better with friends and family! Obviously you will always make life long friends at the gym, but bringing your friends, family and work mates here will be the best gift you could ever give them! Simply point them to our website to get them started!!!

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Here you will find tips, etiquette, rules and information to help you have a fun and rewarding experience at CrossFit Abode!

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