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You have options, depending on your fitness, skill level and confidence, we have an option to suit you! No matter where you are in your fitness journey right now, we have an option from beginner with a free week trial, or dive straight in with a membership!

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We want you to be better, every day!

At CrossFit Abode we help you to be better in all areas of your life.

We help you to be strong, fit healthy and happy through providing an incredible experience and environment for you, every time you step through the door.

It’s no secret that consistency is the key to improve at anything, fitness and mindset are no exception, we need to consistently train our body and mind in the right way, the right environment, surrounded by the right people and taught by the right Trainers, if we want to get better.

CrossFit Abode has worked hard to find the right balance of fun, enjoyment, socialising, hard work, safe movement and fun and inclusive programming to bring you, what we believe, to be the best gym experience you will ever have. 

It starts with either the week free trial. We know it is hard to determine whether something is right for you after one class, so we give you a week free to help you make an informed decision. This can be the hardest part! Just coming to your first few sessions, it can seem daunting, you may be nervous, you probably won’t have any idea on what to expect or what you are doing...THIS IS NORMAL! Our amazing Trainers help you every step of the way and are always there to make sure you know what you are doing and to help you be better, every day. 

After your free week, you are ready! Don’t worry, you won’t get any less coaching just because you have graduated, we are always there for you!

For the best results our Unlimited Memberships are our most popular option. You get SO MUCH MORE than just a gym membership. You have bonus access to our Seminars, Specialty Classes, Comp WOD Program, Beyond the Whiteboard our Workout Tracking App, Child Minding, Open Gym and more.

Our unlimited memberships are no lock in, pause or cancel at any time, no questions asked. You also have unlimited support from our Trainers, and we even have our very own, CrossFit Abode App, where you can reserve classes, update your details and more, making everything so easy!

There is NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW. You don’t have to be fit, we scale all of the workouts to suit your needs, fitness level and restrictions. Every class we give a beginner option so there is always a workout to suit you!

If you want to CHANGE, if you want to IMPROVE, if you want to be FIT both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY, if you want to HAVE FUN whilst achieving YOUR GOALS, then CrossFit Abode is for you. THERE IS NO BETTER TIME TO START THAN NOW!

Free Week Trial

A Free week to show you that CrossFit Abode is for you and you will love working out!

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Personal Training

Learn the basics, build your confidence. Limited spots available.

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