CrossFit Abode - Your Home Away From Home

We are a gym, but we are so much more. We provide an environment that is so friendly, supportive and helpful that you want to come and train every day. And when training moves from being a chore to something you love, opportunities present themselves, possibilities are endless and your health, happiness and performance increases beyond your wildest dreams.

CrossFit Abode Prides Itself On Professional and Experienced Trainers Who Genuinely Want to Help YOU!

Our facilities are amazing, big, clean and great equipment, in our opinion the best gyms in the Darwin area. And having two locations included in the one membership price is both value and convenience! But that is not what makes us great...

Our Trainers want to help you succeed, not just in the gym, but in every area of your life. We promote health, happiness and performance in a way that you will love training, you will want to train and this will help improve your fitness, nutrition and mindset, every day!

We understand starting can be a really tough decision and sometimes you have to muster every bit of courage to do so. That is why we offer two different pathways to help get you started the right way for you! Check them out below.

Two Pathways to Get Started

CrossFit Abode (Winnellie)

CrossFit Abode (Winnellie) is easy to access from any where in the Darwin or Northern suburbs area, being just off the Benison Rd exit from Tiger-Brennan Drive. We are at 12 Swan Crescent, Winnellie, see the map below.

CrossFit Abode South (Yarrawonga)

CrossFit Abode South (Yarrawonga) is hard to miss, backing on to Stuart Highway, it is easy to access and close to Gateway shopping centre. We are at 3/7 Toupein Road, Yarrawonga. See the map below.

Our Website Has Everything You Need To Get Started.

Have a look around, and if you still have questions, send us a message on here!