Mobility & Mindset

Increase Your Mobility, Improve Performance, and Enhance Your Mindset.

The Mobility and Mindset Classes are a one hour session that runs every fortnight and is the absolute best way to finish off the working week!
 We start with Mobility through various stretching techniques, self myofascial and trigger point release.
 We then finish with some mindset and mindfulness, each week covering a different topic such as stress and anxiety, sleep, positive thinking, performance and more!
All CrossFit Abode Unlimited members have this as a bonus as part of their membership. All non-members or limited members can purchase a drop in below!

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"I never thought I would do a 'mindset' class, but after one session it is now my favourite thing of the week. Inspiring, motivating and I feel both relaxed and unstoppable at the end of every class.This has literally changed my life and I can't recommend it highly enough."


Cobi is a qualified CrossFit and Fitness Trainer with over 13 years experience. He is also a qualified Nutrition Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, meaning he can help you in every area, Nutrition, Mindset and Training!

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