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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.

The Healthy Habits Challenge is an online Nutrition, Mindset and Training Challenge.
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Come along to the free Healthy Habits Seminar, for anyone and everyone! 

The Healthy Habits Seminar is a FREE event for anyone who wants to break the cycle and make 2022 their best year yet.
We will cover nutrition, fitness and mindset and how to make easy and sustainable changes to improve your health, happiness and performance.
This is free for anyone and will be invaluable for everyone, so let your friends, family and colleagues know and come along to this amazing seminar.
It's on Saturday 29th January, 11am-2pm at CrossFit Abode South. Register on the more info button below.
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How Does The Healthy Habits Challenge Work?

Have you tried challenges before? Have you tried New Years resolutions before? Have you promised yourself, this is it, it's time for change...but it just didn't last?
The CrossFit Abode Healthy Habits Challenge will help you succeed where you may have failed in the past. It will keep you accountable, keep you motivated and help set you on a path toward your goals.

The CrossFit Abode Healthy Habits Challenge is an online Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset Challenge that teaches you how to slowly rid yourself of old and unwanted habits and create new, healthy habits that help you move toward your goals.
What you get;
👩‍🏫 An Online Presentation to Get You Started
🍏 A Personalised Nutrition Guide
📚 An Online Course to Walk You Through Every Step
📖 An Online Accountability Diary for Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset
🧘 Access to the Mobility & Mindset Class on Friday Nights
🤝 Unlimited Support
Each day you will simply receive an email, and each day all you have to do is the simple, easy to follow tasks set out in the email. We help you start slow and easy and before you know it, you have made life changing habits that will improve your health, happiness and performance of you and those around you, for good!
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"It's honestly made a very big and positive impact not only on my physical and mental side of things, but also the family side of things..."


Cobi is a qualified CrossFit and Fitness Trainer with over 13 years experience. He is also a qualified Nutrition Coach and Psychotherapist, meaning he can help you in every area, Nutrition, Mindset and Training!


We make changing your nutritional habits slow and easy. We want you to enjoy your food and continue with the improvements for life beyond the challenge. 

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Our mindset can be our greatest downfall, or our greatest asset. We help you to reduce stress and anxiety, increase motivation and lead a happy lifestyle.

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