The CrossFit Abode Foundation Course

You are here because you really want to do something to change your life. No matter the reason for being here, we believe we can help you...and so much more!

The CrossFit Abode Foundations Course is perfect for beginners, for those that may not have exercised in a long...long time or for those that may not have done any complex weightlifting or gymnastics movements and want to learn in a small group environment where the focus is on you improving on these skills so when you get to the classes you can be confident and enjoy your training!

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The CrossFit Abode Foundations Course Teaches You The Most Common Movements

The CrossFit Abode Foundations course takes you on a journey through the most common movements we use at CrossFit Abode. Some of these movements can be seen demonstrated below.

We also give you an introduction to our gym and facilities, teach you how we structure a class and a little on what CrossFit is and how you can achieve your goals and so much more from our program!

Have a look at the videos below and start to learn and remember the names and positions of some of the movements, but there is no place better to learn than the CrossFit Abode Foundations Course!

Videos Courtesy of CrossFit, LLC


Start Down The Path Of Health, Happiness and Performance Now!

Starting is the hardest part. Imagine where you could be in a few months from now. Don't put it off any longer, book in to the next Foundation Course Now, you will love it!

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Building a Strong Foundation, Physically and Mentally

By starting with the CrossFit Abode Foundation Course, you are building a strong foundation in which to build on and will truly set you up for success. 

You will quickly realise how amazing the people, the Trainers, the gym, the training is and how much more potential you have to achieve your goals and so much more.

Most people come in with the goals of getting fit, losing weight or improving their physical health. After a while these goals begin to change as you start to do things you never thought possible, providing unlimited motivation, inspiration and a proud sense of achievement.

Not only do you reap the physical benefits, but mentally as well. More energy, more motivation, confidence, joy, inspiration, these positive emotions begin to take over the negative as you start to build a stronger, healthier and happier you!

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You are ready, ready to change your life, ready to enjoy your fitness and achieve goals beyond what you think possible right now. By starting with the foundations course you are building a strong foundation to start in a fun, educational and small group environment.

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