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Finding the right 'sport' for your teens can be tough! They 'grow out' of things way too quickly, or it 'gets boring'. At CrossFit Abode Teens they can start from 11 years old and keep going...well forever... And we accept the NT School Sports Vouchers to help get them started!

Free Trial CrossFit Abode Teens- Winnellie
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Are you ready to purchase a membership for your pre-teens/teens, we have a great option for you! Choose from one of the options below.

Teens Single Class

A drop in valid for one use only. $15

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10 Session Pass

10 Sessions to use within 12 months. $125

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CrossFit Abode Teens Unlimited Membership

Unlimited Training, 6 days a week, direct debit of $34 a week.
*we also offer a discount for multiple teens in the same family, email [email protected]

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Teens Sports Voucher

Surrender voucher on your first session. 8 Classes.

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CrossFit Abode Teens, What Can I Expect?

CrossFit Abode Teens Classes for 11-15 Years Old pre-teens and teens.

Each Class goes for 45 minutes and is a perfect mixture of fun, teaching good movement, challenging and learning how to love fitness for life. 

Our fun and inspiring Trainers help scale the workouts to suit absolutely any skill or fitness level, so any one can do it!

CrossFit Abode Teens is the perfect Strength and Conditioning Program to help your Teens build strength, confidence and reduce the risk of injury. All this while developing a love for health and fitness!

We can even cater for your Teens entire sports team (by appointment). Give them the winning edge, email us today at [email protected] 

CrossFit Teens Schedule

In a normal week Teens (11-15) run Monday to Friday at 3:30pm & 10:05am on Saturday.

You can view the live schedule by clicking below as times are subject to change during holidays and public holidays.

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We Scale to Suit THEM!

Every workout, every time, we scale the workout to suit their current fitness, skill and confidence level, so your kids have fun at their own pace!

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A Perfect Mix of Fitness

We blend Gymnastics/Body Weight movements, with Weightlifting and Cardio in a safe and fun way to give your kids results for life!

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More Than Just a Gym

We love helping your kids find a love for health and fitness, so they WANT to come here, every day and not stay on their screens!

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Flow of Your Kids Fitness

Maintaining your kids fitness and keeping them engaged and motivated throughout their life is the best gift they could ever receive, the gift of health, happiness, strength and independence!

0-10 Years

Simply be a kid, learn to swim, ride a bike, run, play, jump, learn self defence, play sport as long as it's fun and active!

11-15 Years

CrossFit Teens. This is a scaled version of the adults classes to cater to the growing bodies of pre-teens and early teens. Fun, skilful and challenging!

Fitness for Life

From 16 until we meet our maker, CrossFit is something you can do for ever, we scale the workouts to suit you at any stage of your life!

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Stay up to date, educate, see photos and videos of your Teens in action, learn tips and methods to help your kids lead a healthy and happy life!

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As a Parent it Can Be Hard to Find Something They Love...

A mixture of team and individual workouts, the teens get all of the benefits of sport and fitness in the one class! Bring them along, free for a trial, and we will show you how CrossFit Abode Teens can change their life and make yours easier!

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