CrossFit Classes - Fun Fitness for Anyone

CrossFit Classes are our hero, our main service here at CrossFit Abode. They are the perfect mix of fun and challenging and are great for anyone, regardless of where you are at in your fitness journey, from absolute beginner, to elite athletes and anyone in between!

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We Scale to Suit YOU!

Every workout, every time, we scale the workout to suit your current fitness, skill and confidence level, so you progress at your pace!

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A Perfect Mix of Fitness

We blend Gymnastics/Body Weight movements, with Weightlifting and Cardio to give you results beyond what you think possible.

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More Than Just a Gym

We love helping you achieve your health and lifestyle goals beyond the gym, so you lead the life you want, healthy, happy and fit!

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CrossFit Classes, What Can I Expect?

Each class goes for an hour and we teach you everything, every time! Our experienced Trainers take you through a brief, demonstrate all movements and scale you personally so the workout suits you, your needs, goals and fitness level!

Each day we start with some strength and technique, so you learn the movements in a safe environment. We then do a workout that changes every day, so you never get bored and will achieve results beyond what you ever thought possible!

CrossFit Class Regular Schedule*

Each class goes for an hour and in a normal week we have eight classes on a weekday and three classes on a Saturday and two on most Public Holidays.

*Subject to change, see below for live schedule

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We Put The Fun in Fitness So It No Longer Feels Like a Chore, But Something You Don't Want to Miss Out on!

We all know we MUST have fitness in our life, but more often than not it is a chore because it can be boring and repetitive.

At CrossFit Abode we put the fun in fitness! We provide an amazing team of Trainers, an incredible facility and world class programming, this together with our amazing members, environment and culture, you will love coming to the gym every day, fitness will be easy!

Your Biggest Regret Will Be You Didn't Start Sooner!

We hear this all of the time. Letting perception and fear get in the way of starting. Don't make that same mistake, click below and start down the pathway to health, happiness and performance now.

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