CrossFit Abode Teens

Finding the right 'sport' for your teens can be tough! They 'grow out' of things way too quickly, or it 'gets boring'. At CrossFit Abode Teens they can start from 11 years old and keep going...well forever... And we accept the NT School Sports Vouchers to help get them started!


Single Session

Purchase a single session to attend CrossFit Abode Teens at any one of our two amazing locations.


Unlimited Membership

The best value for money and the best chance for your Teens to achieve amazing results. $34 weekly for unlimited training at any of your locations, 6 days a week.


10 Session Pass

We understand your Teens may play other sports and can't commit, yet, to as many classes a week as you would like, a pass is your answer!

School Sports Vouchers

Register on the link above, then email your voucher to or surrender it on your first visit.


What is CrossFit Abode Teens?

CrossFit Abode Teens is the perfect Strength and Conditioning Program to help your Teens build strength, confidence and reduce the risk of injury. All this while developing a love for health and fitness!

It is a group fitness class for 11-15 Years Old pre-teens and teens. Each class goes for 45 minutes and is a perfect mixture of fun, challenging, weightlifting, cardio, bodyweight and learning how to love being healthy for life. 

Our fun and inspiring Trainers help scale the workouts to suit absolutely any skill or fitness level, so any one can do it!

We can even cater for your Teens entire sports team (by appointment). Give them the winning edge, email us today at