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Comp WOD is an add on to our regular class program and can be applied to access by filling in the form below. We generally have a minimum of 6 months at training in CrossFit and a good understanding of most movements. For most of us, adding extra volume IS NOT the answer to fitness, focussing on technique and intensity in the class is enough for 95% of us, but if you want the extra work and to improve your skills for competing, your chosen sport or life, fill in the form below to apply.

Open Gym is for use by all of our Unlimited Members to complete the Comp WOD, mobility, Beyond the Whiteboard Programs (see more information below) or skills and 'homework' given by our amazing trainers. Unfortunately open gym is not to complete any other programs outside of this without approval from the head trainer, if you have questions, fill in the form below. 


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Comp WOD


Comp WOD is a program that you compete yourself before and/or after the class.

Once your application to have Comp WOD has been approved it will show up in your BTWB App.

Generally you complete part A. and B. before the class starts and C. and D. after the class, however you can do them in any order.

You must come in and do the warm up, then part A. You MUST then STOP and listen in to the class brief. Then complete part B. while the class is warming up. All Comp WOD MUST be done in the designated Comp WOD area.

You MUST then move out on to the class floor to complete the Strength and Technique with the class and then the WOD.

Then move back in to the Comp WOD area and do part C. and D.

Comp WOD can be scaled just like the normal workouts, if you are unsure of how to scale, please see the Trainer.

There are some things that you MUST scale and ask for help with the first time you do it.

GHD Sit Ups. Start with no more than 30 reps and slowly build up by 10% a week, you must ask the trainer for help with technique on these!

High volume Pull Ups. SLOWLY increase your volume on these, ask us if you have any questions.

Comp WOD and Open Gym Questions or Comments


If you have any questions or comments, please fill in the form below and we will help as soon as possible!

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