CrossFit Abode

Located in Winnellie, just off Tiger-Brennan Drive, CrossFit Abode is easy to get to, no matter where you live in the Darwin area. Our gym has to be seen to be believed, clean, huge and all of the equipment you could ever need to get in the best shape of your life.

Air conditioned lounge area with free Wi-Fi and the CrossFit Abode store with all your post workout and recovery drinks and supplements. As well as all the CrossFit gear you need, right here, grips, belts, apparel, you name it, it’s here.

Getting Started


Cobi Head

Director / Head Trainer – CrossFit Abode

Simply, I love helping people. Whatever someone needs help with in their life, I want to be able to help, and to do that I have studied extensively in all of the main areas, fitness, nutrition and mindset. I always strive to be happy and positive and pass a little of this on to everyone I talk to, every day. I love helping people understand movement and enjoy coming to my gym every day. I want anyone that needs help with their lifestyle to want to come in to CrossFit Abode, feel comfortable and WANT to come and have a great experience, every day because they love it!


Chris Bedford

I love being a trainer because I get to share the knowledge I have built up over the years to help and teach people to move better and live a healthier lifestyle. I enjoy being able to push and motivate people to go past what they thought was possible. I get excited when someone improves, whether it be through moving better, achieving a new movement, getting a PB or enjoying CrossFit. When someone enjoys working out as well as having fun whilst doing it… that’s my why.


Annie Feuerherdt

No matter what is happening outside of the box, that one hour of fun gym time should be something you can count on each day to leave you feeling better in some way. Crossfit Abode provides continuous training and education for both members and coaches and I enjoy the dynamic environment within the diverse coaching team. My aim is to make all members – regardless of their fitness level – feel capable, supported, included and challenged. I’m still excited and terrified by CrossFit every single day and so long as those feelings continue, I will keep showing up and doing my best to add value – and of course, a generous dose of humour – to every single class.


Lauren Carr

Coming soon…


Keeley Stewart

I love to help people realise their potential, to help educate people on correct technique, to be part of a powerful supportive and fun community. I like to be that friendly down to earth face that helps shake off the nerves of brand new CrossFitters and help them to understand that anybody can take part. I enjoy helping people have the best hour of their day and enjoy watching things “click” for people.


Darren Gore

I love coaching others to help them find their own motivation for being fit and healthy. I love being able to spot an area for improvement in others movement, and coaching them through different adjustments to achieve great movement. I love being a part of a community that is social, fun, and bases values around things like health, fitness, lifestyle and community.

Come And Find Us


CrossFit Abode is located at 12 Swan Crescent, Winnellie, just off the Benison Road exit from Tiger-Brennan Drive. It has easy access, no matter where you are driving from in the Darwin area. Parking is easy, the hard part will be leaving. Don’t leave it any longer, come in and see us now.